Dr. Steve McBride DVM Joins the Veterinary Team at The Jaeckle Centre

Dr. Steve McBrideEquine Performax is pleased to welcome Dr. Steve McBride, DVM to the equine veterinary team based at The Jaeckle Centre in Thompsons Station, TN. The Jaeckle Centre’s Equine Performax division specializes in equine sports medicine. It is well known for its state-of-the-art equipment and successful equine therapy program management results.

“I really like the challenge of trying to return a competitive horse into competition. I enjoy the athletes; it’s fun to be part of the competition. One of the amazing things about the racetrack is that I saw most of my patients every day,” McBride said. “So, I had the opportunity to evaluate my patients rehabbing from injury on a daily, weekly, sometimes yearly basis.”

“Equine Performax has some therapy equipment I’ve never even had the chance to use,” continued McBride on the topic of rehab. “We used swimming in rehab for the horses—but we had to take them to a pool. Having something like the Aqua Pacer, and the cold leg spa at your disposal gives the athlete a great advantage, and I’m excited to work with such sophisticated treatment and tools.”

Dr. McBride joins Dr. Mark Wooten’s veterinary practice based at The Jaeckle Centre giving clients at The Jaeckle Centre and in the surrounding states access to a team of vets who excel at injury prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation for sport horses of all disciplines.

Naomi Minardi, Director of Therapy at Equine Performax works closely with veterinarians to implement prescribed equine sports medicine therapy programs. “While clients of Equine Performax’s Therapy division are welcome to use their own veterinarians, we are excited to add such a qualified equine sports medicine expert to our team of residing veterinarians” commented Ms. Minardi.

Dr. McBride has spent the majority of his career working on racehorses at different tracks up and down the eastern United States and has extensive experience evaluating equine soundness and fitness. In 2000, after working with Mitch Wapner, DVM in Pennsylanvia for seven years, he started his own practice, Eastern Thoroughbred Racing Associates. (For anyone who has not had the privilege of going backside at the track, you may not realize that racehorses are checked by their vet regularly, many of them daily. Good track vets are known to have some of the best “hands and eyes” in the industry.) 

“I am extremely experienced at walking the fine line between minimizing down time during healing, and ensuring that the equine athlete returns to competition healed well enough to compete at their previous level and healed strong enough to minimize reinjury,” McBride told Wooten when applying for the job.

“A couple of years ago, I got an associate and after he’d been there for about 18 months, we approached him about taking over the practice. He bought us out, and I retired…with the idea that I would be semi-retired,” McBride laughed.

What McBride found was that many positions for “full time” work seemed like part-time positions after working at the tracks, so he pursued the vacancy at Equine Performance under Wooten. He has since acquired a license to practice in Tennessee, and he looks forward to continuing work with performance horses, but without the race track hours.”

ABOUT EQUINE PERFORMAX: Equine Performax, located at The Jaeckle Centre, is a specialized equine sports medicine practice that focuses on injury prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation for performance enhancement of sport horses of all disciplines. Equine Performax is committed to making preventative and rehabilitative therapy services affordable for the equine athlete. To learn more about the equine conditions we treat, be sure to check out thejaecklecentre.com/equine-performax/ or contact Naomi Minardi at 855.523.2553.

ABOUT THE JAECKLE CENTRE: Started in 2007, the Jaeckle Centre started with a vision to create a best-of-class equine facility that offered innovative therapies to maximize the performance of sport horses. The Jaeckle Centre and Equine Performax are committed to equine training and education, injury prevention, diagnosis, surgery, treatment and rehabilitation to maximize how your horse moves and performs. The state-of-the-art facility is centrally located just 15 minutes south of Franklin, Tenn., and just 30 minutes from either Nashville or Murfreesboro.

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