Unbridled Pro Shop

The Jaeckle Centre has it’s very own Pro Shop that is the perfect place for any horse lover to buy clothing, accessories, jewelry and more. Unbridled Pro Shop is not your typical store. It is the store that gives back to the equestrian community through the foundation created by owner, Teresa Jaeckle known as The Lucky Horseshoe Foundation. The signature Lucky Horseshoe was designed by Teresa and has been transformed into unique jewelry designs for necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, belt buckles, etc. Jewelry is 100% sterling silver with features such as precious stones and leather. There is a variety of styles to fit any taste and any horse lover.

You will also find a variety of clothing from shirts to jackets to hats. Unbridled Pro Shop also carries unique gifts, so whether you are at The Jaeckle Centre for a clinic or horse show or you just want to come by and tour the facility, Unbridled Pro Shop is a must see while there. We are open normal business hours and during events. For more information call 855-523-2553.

About the Lucky Horseshoe Foundation

Our Lucky Horseshoe design symbolizes all things good and protection from harm. By making a purchase from Unbridled Pro Shop, you will see good things happen immediately because 100% of all profits are donated to help rescue horses. With your support, we will be able to remove more horses from harm’s way.

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