The AquaPacer equine underwater treadmill system was developed to help equine athletes of all disciplines, achieve peak performance. The AquaPacer workout is unparalleled for therapeutic healing and conditioning.

Horses are encouraged to use the same muscles, ligaments and tendons as land-based exercise programs without the added concussion and trauma. For early intervention, improved performance and reduced rehabilitation time, the AquaPacer
Is the answer.

Benefits of the AquaPacer include:

  • The buoyancy provided by water lessens the weight bearing load on the limbs.
  • Pain and inflammation to the lower limbs allowing rehabilitation to start earlier is reduced.
  • Water applies pressure to the lower limbs which helps decrease inflammation and improve circulation.
  • By changing the water levels, resistance and buoyancy, you can target individual muscle groups and injuries.
  • Add in the conditioning and stamina of all disciplines of horses at any level of training.