Equine Training and Conditioning

The Jaeckle Centre believes that equine training and conditioning is a continuing process and incorporates the performance assessment of the partnership between horse and rider.  Each performance assessment results in customized training and conditioning programs targeting specific short and long term goals for both the horse and rider. 

Equine Training


Equine training is available for horses that need the attention of our qualified trainers. It’s tailored for all horses that need to be schooled and exercised when a rider cannot always be consistent due to unforeseen life circumstances. Our equine training includes connecting to what the horse is telling us in terms of their current performance, fitness level, soundness, previous training experience and the relationship with their rider/s.

Show Experience


The Jaeckle Centre provides horses with show-quality environment and equipment, such as a full course of competition level jumps. Our indoor arena allows for year-round show preparation for both English and Western disciplines. We host several MTHJA sanctioned schooling shows to give our clients and their hunter/jumper horses experience in their specific area of competition. The Jaeckle Centre has a full-rated hunter/jumper show schedule throughout the year for clients or one of our professional riders to show.


Equine Conditioning


Physical conditioning is critically important for all athletes…and we consider your horse an athlete. Sport horses require constant physical conditioning not only for endurance but also to avoid injury. At The Jaeckle Centre, our clients have the benefit of incorporating Equine Performax Rehabilitation Therapies into their equine training and conditioning programs so we can achieve increased fitness without increased wear and tear. “Most top performing human athletes use therapy as a regular part of their training regimes. We ask as much if not more from our equine athletes, so why shouldn’t we offer our horses the same advantages and use the most advanced therapies to maximize their performance and minimize their potential for injury?” explains Teresa Jaeckle, owner.

Equine Performax Rehabilitation Therapies

Innovative Equine Performax Rehabilitation Therapies as well as the expertise of our equine therapy team ensures our clients’ horses are properly conditioned to perform at the level required for their discipline. Using a combination of therapies ranging from exercise in the AquaPacer to recovery after training in the ECB Cold Leg Spa, our clients are able to maximize their equine athletes’ training and performance.

Why I Believe in Equine Conditioning

A Message from Dr. Mark Wooten

Rimes One Way Ticket is a 12 year old cutting horse that was very successful as a limited age horse (NCHA Cutting classes restricted to 4, 5 and 6 year olds). However, the rigors of several years of showing had taken its toll on his stifles. At the age of 9 he required arthroscopic surgery on his left stifle to repair damage to the cartilage in the joint.

Since that time, his ability to show at the frequency and level of competition was greatly reduced. In spite of various joint therapies, it was difficult for him to maintain the level of fitness required to perform up to his abilities. The trade-off between fitness and soundness was a tedious balancing act. I decided to use our Equine Performax rehab therapies. Here at the facility, Tick receives a combination of therapy and conditioning including the AquaPacer, ECB Cold Leg Spa, Class IV Laser, EquiVibe and EquiPulse.

Today, with the combination of therapies and the exercise in the AquaPacer, the balancing act between fitness and soundness is almost a thing of the past. The strength he has developed in the water while reducing the concussion on his legs has created joint stability in all of his joints. With the exercise and the anti-inflammatory therapies he is receiving, Tick is now performing at a level he has not been able to perform at in several years.